In memory of Papillon

Henri_Charrièr 1

Henri Charriè


In Memory of Papillon


I return to the scene of life lost.

I walk the streets of memory full.

I sit on a seat an

Watch what is.

And realise.

It’s all gone.

Time n space move forward.

Wait not for anyone.

Let alone me.

As small as a pea.

Just memories are left.

They only live on in me.

How sad the reality is.

A tear drops from one eye.

Stoic not,

Not this time.

Not me.


The Bloke from T I

dreaming tree


The bloke from TI



Softly he sings.

At the end of light.

In his bed at night.

I can just hear him,

Amongst the noises of life.

I want to ask him,


he sings for

missed love.

His island home.

Protection on his journey long.

But I know, the real reason.

I just can’t acknowledge.

I want the protection he sings for,

Brings forth.

To envelope me to.

Before I slip into the

Land of Dreaming

On his softly singing


Giant women

giant women




Giant women


I love giant women.

Her deep booming voice of demand.

Her strength that holds me

tight to her bosom.

I am weightless in her care, servant

to her movement.

Obedient to her wishes.

But I freely and willingly submit to

her vice,

her voice,

her reason.

For in those moments.

she is everything to me.

My protector, provider, lover.

My strength for life.

Yet, tis all but an act.

An alter ego,

a fantasy.

Put on for fun and laugh.

If only she knew, I wish it to be true.

I am sad when it’s through.

I love giant women,

with all my heart.

House on a mountain


                                               Snake in the rafters.

                                                 Cat on a plank.

                                                Broom handle,

                                                   Saves the day.

                                                   As I wrestle.

                                                    A cat’s life

                                                    Run’s out the door

                                                     Ahead of the snake

                                                     And me.

                                                     I look at the cat.

                                                     And he at me.

                                                      We both knew.