“I would love to just jump in a sail boat and just go sailing.”


“Wouldn’t you get lonely.”?


I look south over the waters of Pumistone passage to Bribie Island. The water glistening with reflections. Clouds, hung like curtains above the glass house mountains. Such a peaceful scene. She doesn’t understand the peace I mean. The essence of doing it, being in a far off bay or   anchored off a tropical beach with no one else around. Just you and a beautiful scene. I look upon her beauty. Soft as a rose’s hue. Her hair as golden honey in the spring sun. I curse fate, curse myself. I guess I missed the essence of what I said. Sail to put distance between the end and I. Replace, no avoid, the inevitable. A clean swap, one beauty for another. Where the waters will be filled with personnel reflections from a broken heart. But you will always have a beautiful scene to lift your spirit. And Beautiful moments of remembered love.


“Lonely’s a state of mind. Brought on by wanting to fill the void with people. Why would you want to crowed this scene with uninteresting ugly things that will only get in the way of the view.”


I feel the same about life. I never developed the herd mentality. If it’s not my choice I don’t do it. It grates me that the masses are so easily led. Slave to the routine, the usual. The bland, want fries with that? It seems very few are different enough to catch my eye. Worthy of my friendship. I have no need to fill any void. Well, not yet anyway. But it was coming. The beautiful lady before me, had to hold my face and slap before I took note of her. And like the fool, I let her steal my heart and It was coming back broken. Why. Because I Danced with one so young, Blind to the tight rope we were on. Or just conveniently forgotten, a traitor unto himself. It comes to mind just how pathetic that statement now sounds. Just maybe, that’s what she may think of you. When reality strikes, it hits hard. I knew my demure changed at that moment. It was the end. I felt instantly cold. Nothing was said about our relationship, but at that moment I just knew it was over. I gazed into pure lapis jewels when our eye’s met. Her natural charm shone on her smiling lips. I fell in love with Aphrodite herself, was that not alone worth the heartfelt pain you now feel. I smile back. Indeed, it was.

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